Understand the rules and guidelines of tax-exemption and structure your corporation

Your Organization has to meet

these requirements:

Get incorporation documents in your state

Business Bureau in your state will provide incorporation documents for you. If you have already established a belief statement and corporate offices and meet all the requirements, you've done the half of the work. Be sure to obtain several copies of the same documents. This way if you make a mistake, you can try again.

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Open a bank account of your organization

It is a necessary step to be done. Based on the prepared documents you should open a bank account for the funds of your church. Analyze the market of banks and learn what banks are used by other churches or ministries for this purpose.

You can also use BTCPayMe.com to accept Crypto payments.

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Assign corporate officers

In order to file for incorporation with the state, you are going to need a board of directors, corporate officers, and a membership. So be sure to find the right people for different accounting and procedural positions that will help your organization run properly. You don’t need to hire secretaries or janitors right from the start, but it’s better to have people for the roles of the board of directors and someone to involve in fundraising. All the needed staff has to be in place and know their duties before you proceed.

** According to Internal Revenue Service, you need to have at least three founding members not related by marriage or blood.**


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